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We are proud to be an authorised partner with CompTIA and are an official course manufacturer and provider – we were the first company in the world to offer accredited online training for the new Network+ syllabus and are one of a few companies to offer official accredited CompTIA A+ online training.

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Why Study A CompTIA Course?

CompTIA is the voice of the world’s IT industry - as a non-profit trade association they advance the global interests of IT professionals and organisations. CompTIA enables IT experts to be more successful by offering industry-leading IT certifications and business credentials, as well as hosting global conference and networking events for those within the sector.

An official CompTIA qualification will stand you apart from the competition in an increasingly crowded job market and will ensure that employers recognise your talents within the IT field. Increasing your marketable skillset and pushing for your own professional development will unlock doors and highlight that you are committed to becoming an expert within the IT sector and are actively becoming the best candidate that you can be.

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