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CompTIA PenTest+ Training

CompTIA PenTest+ is for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability management.

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What Is The CompTIA PenTest+?

CompTIA PenTest+ is the only penetration testing exam taken at a Pearson VUE testing center with both hands-on, performance-based questions and multiple-choice, to ensure each candidate possesses the skills, knowledge, and ability to perform tasks on systems. PenTest+ exam also includes management skills used to plan, scope, and manage weaknesses, not just exploit them.

PenTest+ is unique because our certification requires a candidate to demonstrate the hands-on ability and knowledge to test devices in new environments such as the cloud and mobile, in addition to traditional desktops and servers.

Key Areas

CompTIA PenTest+ is for IT professionals looking to gain the following security analyst skills:

Course Breakdown

  • 1.0 Planning and Scoping
    • Explain the importance of planning for an engagement.
    • Explain key legal concepts.
    • Explain the importance of scoping an engagement properly.
    • Explain the key aspects of compliance-based assessments.
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  • 2.0 Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification
    • Given a scenario, conduct information gathering using appropriate techniques.
    • Given a scenario, perform a vulnerability scan.
    • Given a scenario, analyze vulnerability scan results.
    • Explain the process of leveraging information to prepare for exploitation.
    • Explain weaknesses related to specialized systems.
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  • 3.0 Attacks and Exploits
    • Compare and contrast social engineering attacks.
    • Given a scenario, exploit network-based vulnerabilities.
    • Given a scenario, exploit wireless and RF-based vulnerabilities.
    • Given a scenario, exploit application-based vulnerabilities.
    • Given a scenario, exploit local host vulnerabilities.
    • Summarize physical security attacks related to facilities.
    • Given a scenario, perform post-exploitation techniques.
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  • 4.0 Penetration Testing Tools
    • Given a scenario, use Nmap to conduct information gathering exercises.
    • Compare and contrast various use cases of tools.
    • Given a scenario, analyze tool output or data related to a penetration test.
    • Given a scenario, analyze a basic script (limited to Bash, Python, Ruby, and PowerShell).
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  • 5.0 Reporting and Communication
    • Given a scenario, use report writing and handling best practices.
    • Explain post-report delivery activities.
    • Given a scenario, recommend mitigation strategies for discovered vulnerabilities.
    • Explain the importance of communication during the penetration testing process.
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  • CompTIA PenTest+ Exam
    • CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Code: PT0-001
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Training Solution Breakdown:

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